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Tim Anderson is a chef, food writer, and broadcaster based in London. Tim’s cooking is primarily informed by his American heritage and his love for regional Japanese food, but it also draws on a personal history of worldwide culinary tourism and a keen interest in food science. A leading voice in the UK on Japanese gastronomy, Tim was the founder of the Japanese soul food restaurant Nanban in Brixton and is the author of five cookbooks on Japanese cuisine: Nanban: Japanese Soul FoodJapanEasyTokyo Stories, Vegan JapanEasy, and Your Home IzakayaTim’s writing has appeared in Newsweek, Vittles, National Geographic Traveller Food, Pellicle, The Telegraph, The Guardian, Olive, and Delicious. He is also a longtime regular panelist on BBC Radio 4’s food show The Kitchen Cabinet and a veteran podcast presenter.

Millions watched Tim emerge victorious on BBC1’s MasterChef in 2011, and he has since enjoyed an exciting career in the world of food. As a development chef and consultant, he has worked for a diverse range of clients including Google, Unilever, Itsu, Le Creuset, Oral-B, Citroën, Twinings, KitchenAid, and the Japanese National Tourism Organization.

Tim currently lives in Lewisham with his wife Laura, daughter Tig, and FIV-positive cat Baloo.

To get in touch, please e-mail hello@cheftimanderson.com. For media enquiries please contact my agent, Holly Arnold.